Residential Trash Services

Air Capital Waste Link provides 100% locally owned and operated residential, trash and recycling service in Wichita, KS.

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Please contact our offices at (316) 838-5465 to learn more about our residential trash & recycling services or to request services in your area.

  • We serve the Wichita, KS Metropolitan area.
  • We pick up trash every week, Monday - Friday
  • Please place the trash container within 2 ft of curb, and 3 ft away from a mailbox, by 6:00 a.m.
  • Please bag or bundle extra household items or yard waste securely.
  • Bulk items incur additional charges (e.g. hot water tanks, appliances, furniture, construction debris, etc.) Please call for scheduling.
  • We observe the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day.
  • If one of the above holidays falls on a service day, the day of the holiday and the following days will be delayed one day. (Example: Thanksgiving Day, Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday, and Friday customers will be picked up on Saturday.)

A local company with competitive rates.

Trash Service

95 gallon cart

$19 / month

  • 95 gallon cart
  • Holds 8 bags of trash
  • Measures 45"H x 28"W x 32"D
  • $57 per quarter
  • Pay for Annual Service, get 1 month free
  • Up to 10 bags outside of cart

Trash Service

65 gallon cart

$16 / month

  • 65 gallon cart
  • Holds 5 bags of trash
  • Measures 42"H x 26"W x 27"D
  • $48 per quarter
  • Pay for Annual Service, get 1 month free
  • $2 for each bag outside of cart

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Contact us for special pricing options for HOAs, landlords and services for special events.


Please call for scheduling. If you need a special pickup of bulky or oversized items that will not fit in the container, please call us the day before your regularly scheduled pickup day to ensure the extras and/or special pickup will be taken. Extras and special pickups will be left unless we receive a phone call granting permission to take them. Please place items on the ground, next to the cart.

NOTE: there will be an additional charge for extra garbage beyond 10 bags for a 95 gallon cart, or for garbage that does not fit within 65 gallon carts.

For disposal of household hazardous waste in Sedgwick County

Contact the Sedgwick County Household Hazardous Waste Facility
801 Stillwell, Wichita, KS
(316) 660-7458

Residential Pricing

We have several pricing options available for your waste management needs.

Residential Recycling

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