Commercial, Trash & Recycling Services

Air Capital Waste Link proudly offers 100% locally owned and operated commercial trash and recycling service in Wichita, KS with service customized to your needs.

Reliable and affordable commercial trash service in Wichita.

Our commercial trash and recycling programs are convenient and competitively priced. Air Capital Waste Link will provide your business with a 2 to 8 cubic yard, front end loading container that will best suit your trash needs. Please contact our offices at (316) 838-5465 to get a free estimate or to set up service for your large or small business.


Please call us and let one of our Air Capital Waste Link professionals help you determine the size that is most appropriate for your needs.

Air Capital Waste offers Front End Loading Containers in the following sizes:

2 cubic yards
3 cubic yards
4 cubic yards
6 cubic yards
8 cubic yards

Air Capital Waste Link offers Recycling Containers in the following sizes:

6 cubic yards
8 cubic yards

Containers are available with casters as needed, and lid locks for an additional fee.


Weekly commercial trash collection is performed up to 7 days per week in some areas or as often as your business demands.

We observe the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day.

If one of the above holidays falls on a service day, the day of the holiday and the following days will be delayed one day. (Example: Thanksgiving Day, Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday and Friday customers will be picked up on Saturday).


Please call for scheduling. If you need a special pick up of bulky or oversized items that will not fit in the container, please call us the day before your regularly scheduled pick up day to ensure the extras and/or special pick up will be taken. Extras and special pick ups will be left unless we receive a phone call granting permission to take them. Please place items on the ground, next to the cart.

NOTE: there will be an additional charge for extra garbage beyond 10 bags for a 95 gallon cart, or for garbage that does not fit within 65 gallon carts.

If you need to dispose of a freezer, refrigerator or any other item that holds freon, the freon must be professionally removed and approved by our office before we can remove your items. Please call our office, at (316) 838-5465, for instructions on freon removal, any questions or to schedule an oversized item pick up.

Commercial Recycling

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From carts to commercial dumpsters, we have options to suit the trash & recycling removal demands of your business. Fill out the form below to request more information, or call us to get a free estimate, (316) 838-5465.